A biography of robert schuman a french composer

Exerting a generally conservative influence, Schuman was a member of the parliamentary finance commission for 17 years and its president in He was Minister of Finance, then Prime Minister from —, assuring parliamentary stability during a period of revolutionary strikes and attempted insurrection.

Robert Schumann

His father, Jean-Pierre Schuman d. Until after his marriage the great bulk of his work—including that by which he is best known—consisted of short piano pieces and songs, two genres so closely related in his case as to be hardly more than two facets of the same.

On returning to Germany he had abandoned his editorial work, and left Leipzig for Dresdenwhere be suffered from persistent nervous prostration. Hofelich The Bettmann Archive The mature years Schumann had by now entered upon one of his most fertile creative periods, producing a series of imaginative works for piano.

After an ailment in his right hand proved incurable, Schumann was forced to concentrate solely on composition. After this, his compositions were not confined to any one form during any particular period.

Schumann then turned his attention to multi-instrumental composition, producing the Piano Concerto, Piano Quintet and Symphonies Nos.

Robert Schuman

From late to he and Clara lived in Dresdenwhere his health was gradually restored. He left an array of acclaimed music in virtually all the forms then known.

Robert Schumann

The first few months of were spent on a concert tour of Russia with Clara, which depressed Schumann by making him conscious of his inferior role.

Franz Richarz's sanatorium in Endenicha quarter of Bonnand remained there until he died on 29 July at the age of After [ edit ] Robert Schumann in an daguerreotype From toSchumann composed in a wide variety of genres.

After four years at a private school, the boy entered the Zwickau Gymnasium high school in and remained there for eight years.

For instance, was a "year of songs" in which he brought the Romantic song cycle to its apex. The critics received Robert's music coolly, those such as Henry Fothergill Chorley being particularly harsh in their disapproval. Schumann 's music, with its sharp changes in mood, also reflects his tumultuous inner life.

Schumann did indeed hear an "A" at the end of his life. His ambitions as a pianist being suddenly ruined, he determined to devote himself entirely to composition, and began a course of theory under Heinrich Dorn, conductor of the Leipzig opera.

Robert Schuman

In he began another symphony, No. This influence may clearly be seen in his youthful novels Juniusabende and Selene, of which the first only was completed Robert and Clara Schumann, lithograph by J.

Thomas Aquinas[14] and he thought highly of the philosopher Jacques Maritaina contemporary. In he wrote Paradise and the Perihis first essay at concerted vocal music, an oratorio style work based on Lalla-Rookh by Thomas Moore. Schumann was rightly considered an advanced composer in his day, and he stands in the front rank of German Romantic musical figures.

Schumann 's father was a bookseller who encouraged Robert's musical and literary talents. Probably no composer ever rivaled Schumann in concentrating his energies on one form of music at a time.

Schuman escaped in and immediately joined the resistance movement. He virtually invented the short, poetic, descriptive Romantic piano work, and produced such works in glorious profusion in the late s. Elected to the Constituent Assembly inSchuman was appointed its finance chairman. The fusion of the literary idea with its musical illustration, which may be said to have first taken shape in Papillons op.Robert Schumann Composer.

- Biography. The son of a bookseller, publisher and writer, The Konzertstück for four French horns is an interesting addition to orchestral repertoire.

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Schumann's Introduction and Allegro for piano and orchestra was completed in Robert Schuman: Robert Schuman, Luxembourgian-born French statesman who founded the European Coal and Steel Community and worked for economic and political unity designed to lead to the establishment of a “United States of Europe.” Schuman, a member of the French National Assembly fromwas arrested by the.

The French statesman Robert Schuman () was the public author of the plan that pooled the French and German coal and steel industries into the European Coal and Steel Community.

Exerting a generally conservative influence, Schuman was a member of the parliamentary finance commission for Schuman Plan in when Robert Schuman, by then the French foreign minister, accepted it after Georges Bidault, the prime minister, had neglected to take it up.

Its end product, initially embracing only six nations, was the formation of the European Coal and Steel Community, which began work in Robert Schumann (–) was a German romantic composer and influential music critic.

Although Schumann was no child prodigy, he went on to become one of the most important composers of the 19th century and is recognised as such years after his birth. Robert Schumann (German: ; 8 June – 29 July ) was a German composer and influential music critic.

He is widely regarded as one of the greatest composers of the Romantic era. Schumann left the study of law, intending to pursue a Cause of death: Pneumonia.

A biography of robert schuman a french composer
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