Essay on flu shots

It is unbelievable because people believe it. Another severe side-effect caused by flu shots, rare as it may be, is Guillain-Barre syndrome. The Truth of it The flu shot has been known to save many lives and prevent illnesses, but is the flu shot really as reliable as so many people think?

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Some people develop short-lived side effects, such as mild arm soreness at the injection site, a mild fever or muscle aches. Inthe flu virus started a month earlier. It had protected against three flu virus families; now it protects against four. Our country wants to know why and if it keeps flopping should we even get the shot?

Of the 97 recent H3N2 isolates examined, only 41 isolates had strong serologic cross-reactions with antiserum to three commercial SIV vaccines.

Until now neither side has convinced me to choose their side. The flu shot has been unsuccessful in proving that it prevents individuals from catching the flu.

Getting a flu shot is recommended for most people with cancer and cancer survivors. No one knows whether any alternative medicine providers advised parents against having their kids vaccinated, said Dr.

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So, is it a thing? Women are at an increased risk of serious illnesses and pandemic influenza during their prenatal period. Essay on flu shots, if flu shots are still available and you haven't yet received a vaccination, you can still benefit from getting a flu shot in January or later.

So, the flu vaccine does not cause the flu?

Don’t Hit Me with Your Flu Shot

The effect was particularly pronounced for people taking synthetic statins. Diagnosis can be made by sending a specimen samplecollected during the first five days, to the CDC for analysis. With all the trouble associated with flu vaccinations, is it even worth the trouble?

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With a treatment results a side effect. In the United States of America, less than one-thousand-one-hundred people die from influenza each year. Most alarming of all, thimerosal has also been linked to autism, yet manufacturers continue to infuse it with the treatments Mercola page 5.

A best way to avoid the flu is by eating uncooked garlic which helps fight germs. It has recently been found in pigs in Vietnam. People with cancer should get the flu shots, NOT the nasal spray. The statin factor Statin use has become ubiquitous among people in late-middle age and older seeking to lower their cholesterol.

There is no program to monitor what viruses are circulating in pigs in the United States, however. Talk to your doctor before getting a flu shot if: Use soap and warm water or alcohol-based cleaners or wipes.

Essay on flu shots are flu shots important for those with heart disease? The map below shows the widespread virus infection across the nation. This was brought upon influenza not the fault of the flu. Their statistics lump influenza and pneumonia deaths together, at 62, deaths.

There are two types of vaccinations for the flu. Studies have shown that even the smallest levels of concentrations of thimerosal have induced DNA strand breaks, membrane damage, and cell death. The flu shot is not as effective as we think and can potentially cause damage to our bodies, therefore is it worth receiving?

Do I have to get a flu shot from my cardiologist? People with cancer or a history of cancer are more likely to have serious problems if they get the flu, as are pregnant women, young children, people over 65, and those with lung disease, heart disease, diabetes, and other medical problems.

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But flu can also cause serious illness that can be life-threatening. What can I do to protect myself from the flu? Cancer and cancer treatment can weaken the immune system, which puts them at higher risk of serious and even life-threatening problems if they get the flu.

Due to its ineffectiveness and potentially dangerous side-effects, the flu shot should not be used in modern medicine and more specifically should not be distributed at Northwestern flu shot saturday Free Flu Shot Saturday (FFSS) is the biggest annual fundraiser for the Empty Stocking Fund.

For the past 20 years, free influenza immunizations have been offered on one Saturday in the fall in and around Knoxville to anyone who is interested. In addition to the effectiveness of the flu shot, the survey also found that many parents question the vaccine's safety, as well.

30 percent think that the flu shot is a conspiracy, while Although side effects are usually very mild, the flu shot can cause pain, redness, or swelling at the site of injection.

A small number of people may also experience body aches or a low fever. Essay about The Flu Shot Should Not Be Mandatory. Words 5 Pages. Should the Flu Shot Be Mandatory?

Efficacy of Flu Shots Essay Words | 2 Pages. Proposal on the Efficacy of Flu Shots In recent years encouragement to get flu shots has become a yearly mantra. Elderly, children six months to two years, health care workers and immune. Why Some Experts Want Mandatory Flu Shots For School Kids A syringe filled with influenza vaccination is seen at a Walgreens Pharmacy on January 14.

In total, 45 percent of the U.S. population ages 6 months and older received the flu vaccine during the season, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. At the.

Essay on flu shots
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